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    ...Extraordinary Sportsmen. Why are Cubans such talented athletes? How many gold medals have been won? How do they train? Local sports results. Sport is Cuba's national passion, baseball is the favourite. Take a look inside Cuba's sports scene...

    ...Fun, fun, fun. This is our focus with this site. Night-life, dancing, beach parties, group activities. Whether you want to skydive or just visit the hot clubs, will provide you with as much 'fun' as you need! Interactive responses to your email questions available...

    ...Since the introduction of the # 77 foreign investment law in 1995, Cuba has become an excellent foreign investment venue. Real estate, Tourism, Hotels, manufacturing and many other sectores. Our onsite team can walk you through every aspect of an investment, from the dream to reality...

    ...Cuban culture, what makes the Cubans 'tick'? Racial mixes, music, art, cultures by region, food, local drinks and much more. Find out about celebrities and how they came to be.

    ...If you are single or a couple, you need not feel alone in Cuba. This site specifically focuses upon those people who need "a friend onsite". Take a look at the individual activities, single room rates, best "sole traveler" prices, excitement and fun. Our onsite team will "make it happen". 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

    ..Advice. It's free and current on this site, don't travel without printing these pages! You may not need a tour guide, when you have read these pages. Every morcel of 'advice' from various sources. Interactive questions answered immediately...

    …We do our best to provide you with the most precise and updated information about Cuba. We have a diversity of topics, images, simplified search, and new pages devoted to online sales for tourists and business persons interested in investing on the island.
    • History of Jardines del Rey Cuba
      History of Jardines del Rey Cuba
      The Jardines del Rey dream began on the 26 of July 1980 when the then president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, addressed the city of Ciego de Avila during the commemorations on this national holiday in Cuba. During this visit to Ciego de Avila, Fidel Castro and a group of about 20 engineers visited the remote islands of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. The president promised that these very islands would one day become Cuba's most sought after tourist destination. The [...]
    • Cayo Ensenachos Hotels Jardines del Rey Islands
      Cayo Ensenachos Hotels Jardines del Rey Islands
      Choosing a Hotel on the Jardines Del Rey island of Cayo Ensenachos is easy. Why? Because there is only one! Click the Reserve button to see reviews, latest information and check rates and availability for your Hotel in Cayo Ensenachos. Iberostar Cayo Ensenachos in Jardines del Rey has the whole Ensenachos†island to itself thus, taking the name for the Hotel! Separated by the Ensenachos Beach, the two divisions of the hotel are split by a slither of land which incorporates [...]
    • Moron Gateway City to Jardines del Rey
      Moron Gateway City to Jardines del Rey
      Visitors to the Jardines Del Rey islands of Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Romano often spend a day in Moron, its blend of Authentic Cuban Culture and small town simplicity; make it a big hit with those looking for an insight into Cuba's colonial past and history. The numerous Casa Particulars in Moron also makes a trip to Jardines del Rey a favorite amongst visitors staying in Moron. A visit to the town Moron while staying on the aforementioned [...]
    • Caibarien Gateway to Jardines del Rey
      Caibarien Gateway to Jardines del Rey
      Visitors to the Jardines Del Rey islands of Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Santa Maria often wish to visit some authentic Cuban cities. Caibarien is the first city on Cubas mainland after crossing the causeway and at approximately 48km from the islands it's become a popular daytrip in both directions. Whether it be visitors to Caibarien wishing to visit the Jardines del Rey islands or those staying on the aforementioned islands who are taking a day out to [...]
    • Pueblo Estrella Entertainment Complex Cayo Santa Maria
      Pueblo Estrella Entertainment Complex Cayo Santa Maria
      Many people think that the Jardines Del Rey islands are simply masses of All-Inclusive Hotels but, two impressive Shopping Arcades and Entertainment Centers have been built to offer visitors somewhere to get the latest fashion accessories, Authentic Cuban Souvenirs and much more. Furthermore, these centers cater to Jardines del Rey daytrip visitors who are visiting the islands for a day out, driving in from the Mainland cities of Caibarien, Remedios and Santa Clara. This particular Mall offers 8 restaurants at [...]
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    • Welcome to Hotel Playa Pesquero
      Welcome to Hotel Playa Pesquero
      Christopher Columbus came ashore near Holguin during his first voyage of discovery of the Americas. Now it's your turn to discover the natural beauty of Holguin, Cuba with a vacation [...]
    • Hotel Playa Pesquero Suites
      Hotel Playa Pesquero Suites
      Our Playa Pesquero Suites are not just about size. They are†charmingly decorated in Caribbean colors with with nice art gathered from all over the island. Featuring†high ceilings, skylights, and Caribbean [...]
    • Hotel Playa Pesquero Standard Double Room
      Hotel Playa Pesquero Standard Double Room
      Our Hotel Playa Pesquero Standard Double room offers ample living room space with its high ceiling, skylights and Caribbean pastel colors is bright and cheerful. It is furnished with rattan [...]
    • Hotel Playa Pesquero ? Room Distribution
      Hotel Playa Pesquero ? Room Distribution
      While†our Hotel was built with 944 rooms, some of these rooms are reserved for foreign staff and visiting dignitaries while others are adjoining as specified below and use a unique [...]
    • Hotel Playa Pesquero ? All Inclusive
      Hotel Playa Pesquero ? All Inclusive
      At the Hotel Playa Pesquero we are proud to offer one of the most extensive and varied All-Inclusive food and drink packages in the whole of Cuba if not the [...]
    • Hotel Playa Pesquero Since 2003
      Hotel Playa Pesquero Since 2003
      Playa Pesquero is a modern mega Hotel consisting of 944 rooms inaugurated in 2003 by our then Cuban President Fidel Castro. Our Five Star Hotel covers almost 30 acres and [...]

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